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About us

Based in the heart of South Wales, OP Chocolate Ltd has been baking quality wafers for over 75 years. Our history can be traced back to Oscar Peschek; an Austrian baker and confectioner who began producing wafers in the late 1930’s.

After relocating twice from the original Cardiff site, OP Chocolate settled at its present site at Dowlais in 1963.

Here at OP Chocolate we focus on the highest standards and quality of the products which we manufacture for our vast customer base.

In 1991, OP was purchased by Groupe Cémoi. Cémoi are a major force in the European Confectionery industry, supplying both UK and European markets with an extensive range of goods from its many manufacturing sites across Europe.

Products available from the group include:

  • Chocolate bars
  • Sugar lines
  • Boxed assortments and novelties
  • Drinking powder
  • Chocolate spread
  • Traditional biscuits
  • Wafer biscuits
  • Dietary products
  • Organic lines
  • Industrial sales

As you can see, Groupe Cémoi is perfectly positioned to meet the majority of your biscuit and confectionery requirements.

For more information on Groupe Cémoi, please visit www.cemoi.fr

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OP Chocolate About Us Factory Image 2

Bean to bar

Looking after the world

Groupe Cémoi has total traceability of chocolate ingredients from bean to bar.

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Cémoi’s Bean to Bar appraoch has developed a system for the renewal of cocoa plantations, whereby young cocoa plants are selected and planted to preserve the genetic characteristics of cocoa trees in areas such as Ecuador.

The PACTS Alliance was formed in may 2010, to combat the decrease in cocoa plantation productivity and the increase in demand for chocolate products. The joint venture saw three family-run businesses – Cémoi, Blommer and Petra Foods – unite to produce a premium quality cocoa in Ivory Coast, using new farming practices to guarantee supplies and the quality of cocoa for the future years to come.

The Rainforest Alliance uses the power of markets to arrest the major drivers of deforestation and environmental destruction: timber extraction, agricultural expansion, cattle ranching and tourism. We work to ensure millions of acres of working forests, farms, ranchlands and hotel properties are managed according to rigorous sustainability standards, by linking those businesses to conscientious consumers, who identify their goods and services through the Rainforest Alliance Certified™ seal and Rainforest Alliance Verified™ mark, we demonstrate that sustainable practices can help businesses thrive in the modern economy.