Mallow Range

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Mallow range

This biscuit option combines a light , fluffy, soft mallow and crisp wafer. The sweet filling products include Pink ‘n’ Whites, which are less than 2% fat, Choc ‘n’ Whites which have a smooth chocolate sauce and Pink ‘n’ White Jammies with a sweet raspberry jam.

Sizes and fillings are constantly reviewed in a bid to give our customers the edge as it’s OP’s primary focus for new product development and new combinations.

New pack sizes have been introduced and it is down to you as the customer to decide which suits your business best. We manufacture Pink ‘n’ Whites in 14 , 15’s and 6 packs; Chocomallow as a six pack and Jammies also as a six pack. Products are made under the Caxton brand.

OP Chocolate Mallow Range Group Image